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Directives listed below have been updated September 8, 2019 - October 23, 2019.
Type and NumberTitle
P 1301 Staffing Standards for School Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff
P 1350 Emergency Closing and Delayed Opening of Schools
P 1375 Charity Drives
P 1382 Organization of School Safety Patrols
P 2140 Homebound Instruction
P 2158 Student Employment
P 2201 Compulsory Attendance Requirements
P 2202 Eligibility for Enrollment
P 2418 Reporting Student Progress to Parents and Guardians
P 2460 Requirements for Graduation
P 3204 Personal Health and Hygiene (Family Life Education)
P 3320 Safety, Alcohol and Other Drug Education
P 3330 Driver Education
P 3829 Contests and Awards
P 4120 Contracts—Teachers, Other Licensed Professionals, Transportation Personnel, Food and Nutrition Services Personnel, Athletic Coaching or Other Extra-Duty Assignments
P 4230 Assignment of Personnel
P 4240 Transfer of Educational Personnel
P 4260 Closing or Merging of Schools—Placement of Employees
P 4280 Layoff and Recall
P 4418 Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace
P 4520 Employee Organization Certification Procedure
P 4630 Payment of Personnel Supporting Community Use of School Facilities
P 4640 Payment of Salaries
P 8320 Site and Building Acquisition
P 8410 Leasing of School Facilities
P 8560 Maintenance of Physical Facilities
P 8561 Child Care Services
R 2100 Student and Staff Health and Wellness
R 2408 Earning High School Credits
R 2430 Secondary Teacher’s Guide: Grading and Reporting to Parents
R 2440 Awarding Credit in Certain Career and Technical Cooperative Education Programs
R 2442 Credit for Secondary Students With a Home Language Other Than English
R 3012 School Libraries
R 3014 School Libraries—Book Fairs
R 3225 Science—Use of Animals in Schools
R 3870 Membership in the National Honor Society
R 4120 Contracts—Teachers, Other Licensed Professionals, Transportation Personnel, Food and Nutrition Services Personnel, Athletic Coaching or Extra-Duty Assignments
R 4156 Career Ladder Appointment, Assignment, or Advancement
R 4530 Employee Organization Privileges
R 4537 Employee Organization Privilege—Leave
R 5018 Warehousing and Distribution System—Supplies, Textbooks, and Equipment
R 5790 Field Trips—Planning, Financing, and Conducting
R 8251 Field Construction Representative
R 8253 Construction Records and Reports
N 2101 Public Health System Calendar
N 3855 ACCF School Participation in Musical Activities—Sixth Grade All-County Choral Festival
N 3855 KCT School Participation in Theater Activities--Theatre Arts Appreciation Field Trip Performances
N 6250 FCPS Asset Management System Certification Schedule for 2019-20
N 8422 Community Use of School Facilities as Polling Places, June 11, 2019, Primary Election
N 8423 Community Use of School Facilities—Fall, Winter, and Spring Requirements, 2018-19 Fairfax County Neighborhood and Recreation Services and the Fairfax County Park Authority


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