Recent Changes

Directives listed below have been updated May 2, 2021 - June 16, 2021.
Type and NumberTitle
P 2501 Rules and Procedures for School Counseling Services
R 1900 Standardized Test and Testing—Educational and Psychological Tests
R 2106 Audiometers
R 4155 Appointment and Assignment Categories
R 4294 Procedures for Nonrenewal and Dismissal—Educational Personnel
R 5016 Purchase of Equipment and Furnishings Requiring Installation
N 2701 Schedule of Fees for Duplicating Student Scholastic Records
N 4421 School Calendar for 2021-22
N 5620 Pay Schedules 2021-22
N 6610 Information and Reports Pertinent to Closing School at End of Year (2021)
N 8422 Community Use of School Facilities as Polling Places for the June 8, 2021, Democratic Primary and Fairfax City Elections.

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