Recent Changes

Directives listed below have been updated August 11, 2023 - September 25, 2023.
Type and NumberTitle
R 1425 Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials
R 1708 Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee
R 2202 Required Admission Credentials for Students
R 2434 High School End-of-Year Schedules
R 4311 Substitute Personnel-Teachers and Instructional Assistants
R 4626 Experience CreditClassroom Instructional Support Employees
R 4630 Payment of Personnel Supporting Community Use of School Facilities
R 5028 Asset Management
R 5510 Periodic Budget Reviews
R 5640 Payment for Summer School, Curriculum Development, and Other Temporary Assignments
N 3855 AMT School Participation in Sixth Grade Art Instructional Field Trip--Art Museum Tour
N 4421 School Calendar for 2023-24
N 5922 Student Fees
N 6510A Membership Reports

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