Recent Changes

Directives listed below have been updated August 4, 2021 - September 18, 2021.
Type and NumberTitle
R 1452 Nondiscrimination in Facilities
R 2101 Physical Examinations, Immunizations of Students, and Tuberculosis Screening Requirements
R 2109 Face Coverings to Mitigate the Spread of Infectious Disease
R 2152 Tobacco and Smoking Device Violations by Students
R 2204 Admission Requirements—Determination of Eligibility for Admission
R 2234 Student Absences and Attendance Regulations
R 2442 Credit for Secondary Students With a Home Language Other Than English
R 2613 Student Dress Code
R 3207 Classroom Use of Schoology
R 4240 Transfer of Educational Personnel
R 4245 Transfer of Support Personnel
R 4314 Employment of Teachers for Homebound and Home-based Students
R 4413 Suspended, Revoked, Restricted Driver’s License
R 4444 Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse
R 4817 Religious Accommodation for Employees
R 4819 Sick Leave
R 5021 Computer Hardware Standardization and Acquisition
R 5028 Asset Management
R 5812 Ticket Management
R 8428 Remittance of Fees for Use of School Facilities
N 1705 Employee Advisory Councils—Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Council
N 2401 Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) Testing, Screening, and Identification for Elementary and Middle School Students 2021-22
N 3855 AMT School Participation in Sixth Grade Art Instructional Field Trip—Art Museum Tour
N 6510A Membership Reports
N 8420 Community Use of Facilities—FY22 Fee Schedules and Other Information
N 8620 Charge for Use of School Buses

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