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N3360 2024 FCPS Summer Program Opportunities for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students
R3201 Academic Achievement—High School Courses of Study, Standard and Optional Programs
R3212 Academic Achievement—Middle School Courses of Study, Standard and Optional Programs
P2401 Academic Placement of Students in Grades K-8
R2710 Access to the Health Records of Students
P1405 Accountability for Division Efficiency and Effectiveness
P1420 Accountability for Public Funds and Property
R6510 Accounting Procedures—Membership and Attendance Records
R5027 Acquisition of Musical Instruments and Sheet Music
R6710 Acquisition, Development, and Support of Instructional and Administrative Systems
R2602P Acts for Which Students May Be Disciplined, Disciplinary Procedures, and Interventions
R4423 Additional Responsibilities and Behaviors
P5810 Administration of School Activity Funds
P4775 Administrative Expenses
R4833 Administrative Leave for Employees Serving as Election Officers
R4814 Administrative Leave—Civil Leave
R4810 Administrative Leave—Emergency
R4812 Administrative Leave—Unusual Circumstances
P4150 Administrative Staff—Promotions and Appointments
R4150 Administrative Staff—Promotions and Appointments
R2204 Admission Requirements—Determination of Eligibility for Admission
P2220 Admission of Postgraduate Students
R2220 Admission of Postgraduate Students
R3004 Adopted Basal Instructional Materials
P3510 Adult Education, Adult Literacy, Adult High School Completion, and Community Education
R3512 Adult High School Completion
N2401 Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) Testing, Screening, and Identification for Elementary and Middle School Students 2022-23
P3335 Advanced Academic Programs, Grades K-12
R3335 Advanced Academic Programs, Grades K–12
N5150 Advancing Appropriated Funds to Schools
R1715 Advisory Committees
P4418 Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace
R4418 Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace
R6310 Allocation, Procurement, and Use of Copier Equipment—Schools and Centers
R3511 Alternative High Schools
R2409 Alternative Methods for Earning High School Credit
N2409 Alternative Methods for Earning High School Credit (2020-21 school year only)
R2125 Animals on School Property and Other Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Buildings
N5002 Annual Agreement to Participate in the School Nutrition Programs
R5501P Annual Budget Manual
R4813 Annual Leave
R4155 Appointment and Assignment Categories
R2160 Appointment of Surrogate Parents for Certain Students With Disabilities
R6410 Appropriate Use of Fairfax County Public Schools' Network and Internet Resources
R5112 Approval Authority for Financial Documents
P1475 Approval Process for Research Studies and Data Collection Activities
R2105 Approval of Mental Health Services Provided by Non-FCPS Personnel
R3202 Approval of New Courses and Deletion of or Change to Existing Courses
P8220 Architectural and Engineering, Professional Services
R8252 Asbestos Safety Requirements—Guidelines Regarding Notification and Training
R5028 Asset Management
R4232 Assignment of Family Members
R4234 Assignment of Overtime—Custodial and Maintenance Personnel
P4230 Assignment of Personnel
P2135 Assistance to Students
R2135 Assistance to Students
R4121 Athletic Coaches and Activity Sponsors
R8579 Athletic Fields and Equipment—Installation, Modification, and Relocation
R2106 Audiometers
P1105 Auditor General Authority
P5011 Authority to Contract
N5011 Authority to Contract, Annual List of Designees
P5105 Authority to Enter Into Contractual Agreements
P4310 Authorization for Employment—Temporary Personnel
R4310 Authorization for and Conditions of Employment
P2170 Automated External Defibrillator Program
R2440 Awarding Credit for Work-Based Learning (WBL) Internships

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