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R8633 Safety Procedures—Fires, Fire Alarms, Fire Drills, and Fire Safety Manual
P8630 Safety Procedures—Gun-Free Schools and School Board Buildings and Property
R8625 Safety Procedures—High Winds, Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Tornado Drills
R8627 Safety Procedures—Use of Theatrical Stage Prop Weapons
P3320 Safety, Alcohol and Other Drug Education
P4610 Salary Guidelines
R4680 Salary Guidelines-Reduction in Force
R4613 Salary Guides—Classroom Instructional Support Employees
R4621 Salary Guides—Credit Beyond Bachelor's Degree
R4612 Salary Guides—Employees Assigned to the Unified Salary & School-Based Administrator Scales
R4620 Salary Guides—Shift Differential Pay; Work Shift Changes
R4611 Salary Guides—Teachers
P4650 Salary Supplements
R4650 Salary Supplements
N4650 Salary Supplements
R5980 Sale of Fairfax County Schools’ Intellectual Property
R5006 Sale of Student-Prepared Food—Family and Consumer Sciences and Culinary Arts Program
R5320 Sales and Use Tax
N2703 Schedule of Fees for Alumni Records Services
R2515 Scholarships
P2510 Scholarships and Awards
P1402 School Accreditation
R5810 School Activity Funds Management
P1819 School Board Code of Conduct, Standards and Protocols
R5210 School Board Petty Cash Funds
R8618 School Bus Routes and Schedules—Annual Review
R8619 School Bus Safety—Behavior and Emergency Drills
P8610 School Bus Transportation, and Walking and Bicycling Routes
N4421 School Calendar for 2023-24
N4421 School Calendar for 2024-25
P3406 School Consortia
P8230 School Design
R8230 School Design—Guidelines
R8613 School Emergency Management Plans and Procedures
P5001 School Food Service Program
N5001 School Food Service Program Prices—School Year 2022-23
R5940 School Food Services Fund
R8624 School Keys
R3012 School Libraries
R3014 School Libraries--Book Fairs
R3013 School Library Collection Development
N3855 NSO School Participation in Music Activities—National Symphony Concerts
N3855 ACCF School Participation in Musical Activities—Sixth Grade All-County Choral Festival
N3855 AMT School Participation in Sixth Grade Art Instructional Field Trip--Art Museum Tour
N3855 KCT School Participation in Theater Activities--Theatre Arts Appreciation Field Trip Performances
P8120 School Planning
P5017 School Procurement System
R8615P School Safety Manual
R3002 School Staff: Planetariums, Supervision of Personnel, and Equipment
P5830 School Stores
R1204 School System Organizational Charts and Department Functions
R4426 Schools and Employee Political Activities
R3225 Science—Use of Animals in Schools
R2103 Scoliosis Screening
R2430 Secondary Teacher’s Guide: Grading and Reporting to Parents
R8612 Security and Fire Alarm System Management
P8612 Security of Buildings and Grounds
R3200 Service Learning, General Community Service, Including Faith-Based, Civic, or Political Service
P4950 Sexual Harassment
R4950 Sexual Harassment by Employees
R4818 Short-Term Leave Without Pay
R3325 Short-Term Student Visitations
R4819 Sick Leave
R4463 Silent Witness
R4463 Silent Witness
R8320 Site Acquisition—Procedures
P8310 Site Planning and Development
P8320 Site and Building Acquisition
P4419 Smoke-Free Environment
P2350 Social Work Services for Eligible Students
R4253 Staff Transfers-Unified Scale Operational Employees
P1301 Staffing Standards for School Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff
P1344 Standard School Year Calendar
R1344 Standard School Year Calendar
R1900 Standardized Test and Testing—Educational and Psychological Tests
P1900 Standardized Tests and Testing—Educational and Psychological Tests
P1401 Standards of Quality Mandated by the Code of Virginia
P4130 State Licensure Requirements—Educational Personnel
R1200 State Organizational Chart
P2112 Storage and Administration of Cannabidiol oil (CBD) or Tetrahydrocannabinol Acid (THC-A) Oil in Schools
R4960 Structure and Use of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
R2234 Student Absences and Attendance Regulations
R5740 Student Accident Insurance Claims Procedures
P5740 Student Accident and Life Insurance
P6510 Student Accounting Procedures
P1703 Student Advisory Council to the Superintendent
R1703 Student Advisory Council to the Superintendent
P2232 Student Attendance at School
P2613 Student Dress Code
R2613 Student Dress Code
P2158 Student Employment
R5922 Student Fees
N5922 Student Fees
P5920 Student Fees, Contributions, and Recoverable Costs
P2720 Student Lists
P2701 Student Personal Data
R2701 Student Personal Data
P1802 Student Representative to School Board
R2601 Student Rights and Responsibilities Booklet
P2110 Student Safety
R1383 Student Safety Patrol Handbook
R2230 Student Transfer Process
R8617 Student Transportation—Eligibility, Routes, and Schedules
P2100 Student and Staff Health and Wellness
R2100 Student and Staff Health and Wellness
N6540 Student-Parent Survey for Federal Impact Aid
P2620 Students With Physically Aggressive or Violent Behavior
R2620 Students With Physically Aggressive or Violent Behavior (Rescinded)
R4821 Study Leave—12-Month Employees
R4311 Substitute Personnel-Teachers and Instructional Assistants
R4312 Substitute Support Personnel
N5620 Substitutes Substitutes- Allocations and Time and Attendance Reporting
R4235 Summer Employment
P3360 Summer Learning Programs
P8250 Supervision, Inspection, Records, Reports, Acceptance, Payments, Occupancy, and Orientation
P4411 Support Employee Obligations and Rights
R6550 Survey of Preschool Children for Kindergarten Enrollment
R4413 Suspended, Revoked, Restricted Driver’s License
P4270 Suspension of Employees
P5028 System of Inventory Management

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