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N3360 2019 FCPS Summer Program Opportunities for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students
R 4135 COVID-19 Employee Reporting
R3201 Academic Achievement—High School Courses of Study, Standard and Optional Programs
R3212 Academic Achievement—Middle School Courses of Study, Standard and Optional Programs
P2401 Academic Placement of Students in Grades K-8
R2710 Access to the Health Records of Students
P1405 Accountability for Division Efficiency and Effectiveness
P1420 Accountability for Public Funds and Property
R6510 Accounting Procedures—Membership and Attendance Records
R5027 Acquisition of Musical Instruments and Sheet Music
R6710 Acquisition, Development, and Support of Instructional and Administrative Systems
R4423 Additional Responsibilities and Behaviors
P5810 Administration of School Activity Funds
P4775 Administrative Expenses
R4833 Administrative Leave for Employees Serving as Election Officers
R4814 Administrative Leave—Civil Leave
R4810 Administrative Leave—Emergency
R4812 Administrative Leave—Unusual Circumstances
P4150 Administrative Staff—Promotions and Appointments
R4150 Administrative Staff—Promotions and Appointments
R2204 Admission Requirements—Determination of Eligibility for Admission
P2220 Admission of Postgraduate Students
R2220 Admission of Postgraduate Students
R3004 Adopted Basal Instructional Materials
N3520 Adult Basic Education Classes
P3510 Adult Education, Adult Literacy, Adult High School Completion, and Community Education
R3512 Adult High School Completion and Adult Literacy Programs
N2401 Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) Testing, Screening, and Identification for Elementary and Middle School Students 2012-20
P3335 Advanced Academic Programs, Grades K-12
R3335 Advanced Academic Programs, Grades K–12
N5013 Advanced Appropriated Funds Program
N5150 Advancing Appropriated Funds to Schools
R1715 Advisory Committees
N3832 Al and Winnie Hodgson Student Award Program
P4418 Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace
R4418 Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace
R6310 Allocation, Procurement, and Use of Copier Equipment—Schools and Centers
R3511 Alternative High Schools
R2409 Alternative Methods for Earning High School Credit
R2125 Animals on School Property and Other Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Buildings
N3006 Annotated Listings of Basal and Recommended Supplemental Materials
N5002 Annual Agreement to Participate in the School Nutrition Programs
R5501P Annual Budget Manual
R4813 Annual Leave
N1818 Annual School Board Conference(s)
R4155 Appointment and Assignment Categories
R2160 Appointment of Surrogate Parents for Certain Students With Disabilities
R6410 Appropriate Use of Fairfax County Public Schools' Network and Internet Resources
R5112 Approval Authority for Financial Documents
P1475 Approval Process for Research Studies and Data Collection Activities
R2105 Approval of Mental Health Services Provided by Non-FCPS Personnel
R3202 Approval of New Courses and Deletion of or Change to Existing Courses
N3213 Approval of New Courses for Middle Schools Deletion or Consolidation of Existing Courses
N2460 Approved Fine and Practical Arts and Sequential Elective Graduation Requirements Beginning With Students Who Entered Ninth Grade in School Year 2013-14
P8220 Architectural and Engineering Services
R8252 Asbestos Safety Requirements—Guidelines Regarding Notification and Training
R5028 Asset Management
R4232 Assignment of Family Members
R4234 Assignment of Overtime—Custodial and Maintenance Personnel
P4230 Assignment of Personnel
P2135 Assistance to Students
R2135 Assistance to Students
R8579 Athletic Fields and Equipment—Installation, Modification, and Relocation
N1808 Attendance at Conferences by School Board Members
R2106 Audiometers
P1105 Auditor General Authority
P5011 Authority to Contract
N5011 Authority to Contract, Annual List of Designees
P5105 Authority to Enter Into Contractual Agreements
P4310 Authorization for Employment—Temporary Personnel
R4310 Authorization for and Conditions of Employment
P2170 Automated External Defibrillator Program
N2102 Automated External Defibrillator Program
R2440 Awarding Credit in Certain Career and Technical Cooperative Education Programs
R4119 Background Checks―Volunteers and Mentors
N8585 Band-Orchestra Instrument Repair Service
R5220 Bank Accounts
N5220 Bank Accounts
R4710 Benefit Plan Contributions and Salary Deductions
P4710 Benefit and Salary Deductions
P1810 Benefits for School Board Members
N4795 Blood Bank
R8635 Blood Borne Pathogens—Post Exposure Medical Evaluation and Follow-Up
R8424 Booster Club, PTA and PTO Managed Fee-Based Classes, Clinics, Leagues, and Youth Summer Camps in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Facilities
N8424 Booster Club, PTA and PTO Managed Fee-Based Classes, Clinics, Leagues, and Youth Summer Camps in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Facilities
P6860 Broadcasting Curricular and Extracurricular Activities or Events
R3863 Broadcasting Curricular and Student Activities and Events
R8260 Building Evaluation and Renovation
N8260 Building Evaluation and Renovation
P8258 Building Evaluation, Building Renovation, and Infrastructure Maintenance
N8510 Building Supervisor Reference Manual
R4135 COVID-19 Employee Reporting
R8270 Capital Outlay and Facilities Improvements
R4156 Career Ladder Appointment, Assignment, or Advancement
R8545 Carpet Cleaning
P3380 Ceremonies and Observances
P3009 Challenged Library and Instructional Materials
R3009 Challenged Library and Instructional Materials
R6405 Change Management Process
N8620 Charge for Use of School Buses
N5009 Charging Lunches in Schools
P1375 Charity Drives
P1400 Charter Schools
R1400 Charter Schools
R8628 Chemicals and Chemical Products for Instruction and Building Operations
P2115 Child Abuse Reporting Procedures
P8561 Child Care Services
N1522 Child Care Services
P1710 Citizen Advisory Committees to the School Board
N1710 Citizen Advisory Committees to the School Board
P1701 Citizen Advisory Committees to the Superintendent
N1815 Citizen Presentations to the School Board
R3207 Classroom Use of FCPS 24-7 Learning
P4260 Closing or Merging of Schools—Placement of Employees
R4260 Closing or Merging of Schools—Placement of Employees
R2107 Collection of Public Health System Data
N4033 College and Academy (Noncollege) Credit Courses
P1310 Combination-Grade and Multiage Classes—Elementary Grades
R1310 Combination-Grade and Multiage Classes—Elementary Grades
P2475 Commencement Activities
P4910 Commitment to Human Relations
N1804 Committees of the School Board
P4450 Communication Between the School Board and Its Employees
P4510 Communication with Employee Organizations
R3513 Community Education and Adult ESOL
P3840 Community Events and Student Performances
N8420 Community Use of Facilities—FY20 Fee Schedules and Other Information
N8421 Community Use of Gymnasiums, Fields, and Tracks
P8420 Community Use of School Facilities
R8420 Community Use of School Facilities
R8422 Community Use of School Facilities as Polling Places
N8422 Community Use of School Facilities as Polling Places for the November 3, 2020, General and Special Elections.
N8423 Community Use of School Facilities—Fall, Winter, and Spring Requirements, 2018-19 Fairfax County Neighborhood and Recreation Services and the Fairfax County Park Authority
N8423 Summer Community Use of School Facilities—Summer Requirements 2018, Fairfax County Community and Recreation Services and Fairfax County Park Authority
P4102 Compensation Plan For Operational Personnel
P2201 Compulsory Attendance Requirements
R5021 Computer Hardware Standardization and Acquisition
N6222 Computer System Data Security
N6210 Computer Systems Production Scheduling
R6230 Computer Systems and Wide-Area Network (WAN) Availability
R4429 Conduct and Discipline—Support Employees
N7515 Conducting, Maintaining, and Reporting Computer Inventories
P2730 Confidentiality of Student Information
P1801 Conflict of Interest and Statement of Economic Interest—School Board Members and Superintendent of Schools
P4430 Conflict of Interest—Employees
P1200 Constitutional Authority
R8253 Construction Records and Reports
P8240 Construction, Maintenance Services, Bids, Contracts, Bonds, and Conflict of Interest
P3829 Contests and Awards
R3836 Contests and Competitions
N3420 Contract Services for Children With Disabilities
R4120 Contracts—Teachers, Other Licensed Professionals, Transportation Personnel, Food and Nutrition Services Personnel, Athletic Coaching or Extra-Duty Assignments
P4120 Contracts—Teachers, Other Licensed Professionals, Transportation Personnel, Food and Nutrition Services Personnel, Athletic Coaching or Other Extra-Duty Assignments
R8538 Control of Vent Fans
P3280 Controversial Issues
R3280 Controversial Issues
R2504 Counseling Pregnant Students
P1380 Courier Service
R9002 Credit Courses
R2442 Credit for Secondary Students With a Home Language Other Than English
R3230 Curriculum Development—Program of Studies Revision
N3102 Curriculum Guides
R1707 Curriculum—Information and Feedback Meetings
R8511 Custodial Services—Instructions Concerning Snow Emergencies
R8512 Custodial Services—Restrooms for Adult Education and Community Use Activities
R6221 Data Backups, Data Processing Recovery, and Contingency Planning
P6220 Data Security, Data Processing Recovery, and Contingency Planning
R1450 Declaration of Nondiscrimination—Individuals With Disabilities
R1451 Declaration of Nondiscrimination—School Publications
R1454 Declaration of Nondiscrimination—Students With Disabilities
N3932 Department of Student Services and Special Education Procedures for Evaluating and Ordering New, Previously Unapproved Tests, Inventories, Surveys, Evaluation Software, and other Psychometric Instruments
R6720 Desktop and Laptop Operational Computing Standards
P4250 Destaff
R4250 Destaff–Teachers, Educational Administrators, and Instructional Assistants
R4253 Destaff–US Scale Support Employees
P1102 Development of Directives
R5026 Diploma Procurement
R5650 Direct Deposit of Nonpayroll Related Reimbursements
P4290 Discontinuance of Employment
R4293 Dismissal—Definition of Just Cause
P5030 Disposal of Surplus Books, Equipment, Instructional Materials, Furniture, and Supplies
R1367 Distribution of Fliers or Other Informational Materials, Nonprofit Organizations’ Access, and Procedures for Contests and Competitions
P1365 Distribution of Materials
P1203 Division Superintendent’s Role
R3312 Divisionwide and School-Based Lottery Programs
P5960 Donations to Schools
R5961 Donations to Schools
N5961 Donations to Schools
P3330 Driver Education
R3330 Driver Education
R8610 Duties and Responsibilities
N1805 Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority of School Board Members and Officers
N5630 Earned Income Credit
R2408 Earning High School Credits
P4410 Education Employee Obligations and Rights
R2310 Education Evaluations—Special Education Screening
N4151 Educational Administrators—Promotions and Appointments
N4771 Educational Employees' Supplementary Retirement System of Fairfax County (ERFC) Election of Trustees
R8120 Educational Specifications
P5110 Effective Management of Funds
N1803 Election of School Board Officers
N3410 Elective Courses for Learning-Disabled High School Students
R1302 Elementary Class Size Guidelines
R4112 Elementary Classroom Teachers Job-Share Agreements
N8265 Elementary Educational Specifications—Exception to Carpet-Type Gymnasium Floor Surface
R3218 Elementary School Art, Music, and Physical Education Programs
R3340 Elementary School Band, String, and Choral Programs
P2202 Eligibility for Enrollment
P1350 Emergency Closing and Delayed Opening of Schools
R1350 Emergency Closing and Delayed Opening of Schools
N7304 Emergency Control Center-Activation and Coordination
P8613 Emergency Procedures
R5019 Emergency Warehouse Orders, Passive and Reservation
P1705 Employee Advisory Committees to the Superintendent
R1705 Employee Advisory Councils
N1705 Employee Advisory Councils—Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Council
P4960 Employee Assistance Program
R5120 Employee Group Funds, Faculty Funds, and Sunshine Funds
P4520 Employee Organization Certification Procedure
R4520 Employee Organization Certification Procedure
P4530 Employee Organization Privileges
R4530 Employee Organization Privileges
N4532 Employee Organization Privilege—Courier Service
N4536 Employee Organization Privilege—Elections and Referendums
R4537 Employee Organization Privilege—Leave
N4535 Employee Organization Privilege—Meetings
N4531 Employee Organization Privilege—Membership Dues Deduction
N4533 Employee Organization Privilege—Use of Employee Mailboxes
N4534 Employee Organization Privilege—Work Location Visitation
R4237 Employee Unable to Work for Medical Reasons
P4720 Employee Work-Incurred Injuries—Workers' Compensation
R4720 Employee Work-Incurred Injuries—Workers' Compensation Benefits
R2502 Employment Counseling and Placement Services
N4320 Employment and Payment of George Mason University Students, Federal Work-Study Program
R4313 Employment of Adult and Community Education Teachers
R4314 Employment of Teachers for Homebound Students
R8534 Energy Conservation Measures
N6510B Enrollment Projections for School Year 2019-20
R2205 Enrollment of Homeless Students
R2212 Enrollment of Students in Foster Care
P8542 Environmental Stewardship
P5029 Equipment Ownership and Use
N7465 Equipment Replacement
P5820 Equipment for School Activities
R4626 Experience Credit—Instructional Assistants
R4625 Experience Credit—New and Former Teachers
R3866 Extracurricular Activities and Co-curricular Programs—High School and Middle School Clubs and Non-VHSL Activities
P3860 Extracurricular Activities—Athletics, Clubs, and Activities
R3860 Extracurricular Activities—Virginia High School League (VHSL) Interscholastic Activities
N6250 FCPS Asset Management System Certification Schedule for 2019-20
R6225 FCPS Information Security Policy
R2109 Face Coverings to Mitigate the Spread of Infectious Disease
R4451 Faculty and Staff Advisory Councils
N6240 Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Customer Access to Fairfax County Government Computers and Fairfax County Public Schools Computers
N6240 Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Customer Access to Fairfax County Government Computers and Fairfax County Public Schools Computers
R6226 Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Policy
R3204 Family Life Education
R1708 Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee
P4835 Family Medical Leave
R4835 Family Medical Leave
R8251 Field Construction Representative
N5741 Field Trip - Financing
R5742 Field Trip Accident and Illness Insurance
P5790 Field Trips
N5790 Field Trips – Requirements for Stock Epinephrine Field Trip Kits
R5790 Field Trips—Planning, Financing, and Conducting
R4004 Field-Experience Students, Practicum Students, Student Teachers, and Interns
R5111 Financial Management Reconciliation (FMR) Requirements
N5111 Financial Management Report (FMR) Distribution and Reconciliation Schedule
R5950 Financing of Early Childhood Careers Preschool
R2102 First Aid, Emergency Treatment, and Administration of Medication for Students
N5110 Fiscal Year 2020 Closeout
P8110 Five-Year Capital Improvement Program Planning
R8110 Five-Year Capital Improvement Program Planning
P1354 Flag Rules and Regulations
R1354 Flag Rules and Regulations
R4735 Flexible Spending Account Plans
P3310 Focus School Initiative and Implementation (K-12)
R3310 Focus School Initiative and Implementation (K-12)
P5003 Food Sales and Services
R5004 Food Sales in Schools
R5005 Food Sales—Vending Machines
R5007P Food and Nutrition Services Manual―Policies and Procedures
R2236 Foreign Exchange Programs
N2236 Foreign Student Exchange Programs
N2122 Formal Short-Term Personal and Social Counseling Services
R1104 Format Guidelines for Directives
P1104 Format for Directives
R6490 Forms Management
R1531 Forms for Volunteer Program Data
N1530 Forms for Volunteer Program Data
P1107 Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
R5002 Free and Reduced-Price Meals
P5002 Free and Reduced-Priced Meals
R2670 Free, Appropriate Education for Students with Disabilities
R8530 Fuel Oil—Readings and Delivery Tickets
R2412 Full-Day Schedule Requirement for Students
P1370 Fund-Raising
R1370 Fundraising
R2603 Gender-Expansive and Transgender Students
R4910 General Mission
P8615 General Safety
R2462 Grade Point Average and Class Rank
P8330 Granting of Easements and Permits for Construction on School Property
N8340 Granting of Permits and Leases for the Placement of Telecommunications Facilities on School Property
R5970 Grants
P4460 Grievance Procedures
N4465 Grievance Procedure—Educational Administrative and Supervisory Employees
R4462 Grievance Procedure—Support Employees
R5817 Guidelines For Memorial, Commemorative, Scholarship, and Special Purpose Funds
P1800 Guidelines for Conduct of School Board and Other Election Campaigns
N3861 Guidelines for Entering Into Contracts for Extracurricular Activities
N5017 Guidelines for Equipping and Furnishing Schools
R1320 Guidelines for Restricting Interruptions to Instructional Time—Middle and High Schools
R4113 Guidelines for Selecting and Monitoring Driver Education Instructors
R3620 Guidelines for Transactions Involving Student Performance of Services in Career and Technical Education Facilities
N3862 Guidelines for VHSL-Sponsored Interscholastic Club Sports Activities and Sponsors
R5815 Guidelines for Virginia High School League (VHSL) Tournaments
P4420 Guidelines for Work and Conduct
N4160 Guidelines for the Employment of Support Personnel
R4111 Guidelines for the Employment of Teacher-Scale Personnel
R4152 Guidelines for the Employment of Unified-Scale (US) Personnel
P3203 Health Instruction
P4730 Health Plans
P4731 Health Plans—Retirees
R2104 Health Services—School Health-Related Needs
R2434 High School Examination Schedules
P3355 High School for Science and Technology
R2245 Home Instruction Requirements and Part-Time Enrollment Options
P2245 Home Instruction by Parents and Part-Time Enrollment of Home-Schooled Students
P2140 Homebound Instruction
R2140 Homebound Instruction for Students
P3205 Homework
R3205 Homework—Guidelines
N2450 Homework—Guidelines
N4265 Human Immunodeficiency Virus
P2108 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
N2108 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
P4415 Hygiene Practices
R4415 Hygiene Practices
R4215 Identification Badges
R2215 Identification and Registration Procedures for Students with a Home Language Other Than English
R8580 Indoor and Outdoor Bleachers
N6220 Information Technology Infrastructure
R6610 Information and Reports Pertinent to Closing School at End of Year
N6610 Information and Reports Pertinent to Closing School at End of Year (2020)
N7303 Installation of Electronic Equipment on School Property and/or Structures
R3250 Instructional Grouping to Support Differentiation and Placement in Content Areas
P3003 Instructional Materials
R5024 Instructional Materials and Services—Federal and State Projects
R2137 Instructional Services for Pregnant, Parenting, and Lactating Students
N5020 Instructional Supplies and Textbooks—Annual Revision of Instructional Supply Catalog
R3008 Instructional Technology Identification, Evaluation, and Approval
N7477 Instructions for Ordering Sheet Music
P4760 Integrated Disability Management Program
R4760 Integrated Disability Management Program
P1406 Integrated Planning and Budgeting
R1406 Integrated Planning and Budgeting
N1420 Internal Audit Charter
R3864 Interscholastic Athletic Incident Report
N3850 Interscholastic Incident Report
R4952 Investigation of Complaints of Discrimination or Harassment Based on Race, Sex, Color, Religion, National Origin, Age, or Disability
R2466 Issuance of an Advanced Studies Diploma, a Standard Diploma, a Modified Standard Diploma, an Applied Studies Diploma, or a Certificate of Completion to an Eligible Student With Disabilities
R4811 Job Related Absences
N2420 Kindergarten Progress Report
P4425 Lactation Support Programming
P4280 Layoff and Recall
P8410 Leasing of School Facilities
R4822 Leaves of Absence
R4836 Leaves of Absence—On-Loan
N1202 Legal Authority From the Code of Virginia
P1100 Legal Authority, Directive System
P3415 Length of School Day for Students
N1340 Length of School Day for Students
P4275 Length of School Year for Students
N1341 Length of School Year for Students
R4130 Licensure Requirements—Educational Personnel
P4740 Life Insurance
R5025 Loan of Equipment for Evaluation
N4131 Local School Board Teaching License
P8130 Local School Boundaries, Program Assignments, and School Closings
R8130 Local School Boundaries, Program Assignments, and School Closings
R3333 Location Guidelines
R2614 Maintaining a Safe and Secure Environment—Use of Physical Interventions
N8562 Maintenance Service Guide
R4220 Maintenance and Disclosure of Personnel Information and Files
P8560 Maintenance of Physical Facilities
N8577 Maintenance of Thermo-Fax Copiers
P8210 Management Responsibility—Capital Improvements
R7004 Management of Fairfax County Public School's External Communications
R7005 Management of Fairfax County Public Schools' Internet Presence
N1505 Management of Fairfax County Public Schools' Internet Presence
R7006 Management of Fairfax County Public Schools' Intranet (FCPSnet) Presence
N1506 Management of Fairfax County Public Schools' Intranet (FCPSnet) Presence
R2136 Medical Examinations for Students Being Screened for Special Education
R4730 Medical and Dental Plans
R4731 Medical and Dental Plans—Retirees
N6510A Membership Reports
R3870 Membership in the National Honor Society
R5115 Memberships in Professional, Educational, and Community Associations
N2431 Middle School Teacher’s Guide: Grading and Reporting to Parents
R4815 Military Leave—Reserve Training and Reactivation
N1817 Minutes of School Board Meetings
R3206 Modified Physical Education
N1345 Modified School Calendar
R5910 Monetary Receipts
P2671 Multi-Agency Placements for Children with Disabilities
N3010 Musical Instruments—Redistribution of Unassigned Instruments
R4210 Name, Address Changes, and Other Personal Attribute Changes
P8170 Naming School Facilities and Dedicating Areas of School Facilities or Grounds
P3202 New Course Proposals and Deletion and Consolidation of Existing Courses
P1450 Nondiscrimination
R1452 Nondiscrimination in Facilities
R4427 Nonschool Employment
N2610 Notice to Rescind Regulation 2610
R2158 Obtain Employment Certificates
R8255 Occupying New Buildings
R8536 Operation of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
P3012 Operational Guidelines—School Libraries
N4031 Opportunities
N4030 Opportunities for Individual Assistance
N9003 Opportunities for Individual Assistance
R2436 Optional Pass-Fail Grading for High School Courses
P1204 Organization Chart for the School Division
P1382 Organization of School Safety Patrols
P4020 Orientation for New Employees
N4020 Orientation for New Employees
N1807 Orientation of New School Board Members
N4670 Outstanding Performance Award (OPA)
N5811 Oversight of Local School Activity Fund Checking and Savings Accounts
P4660 Overtime Pay
R4660 Overtime Pay for Eligible Employees
N7490 Padlocks—Requisitioning and Delivery
R2240 Parent Participation and Decision Making
P1720 Parent-Teacher Associations
N4425 Parent-Teacher Groups
N2238 Part-Time Employment of Students Prior to Winter Holidays
N4424 Participation in Community Life
P2436 Pass-Fail Option
N5620 Pay Schedules 2019-20
N5620 Pay Schedules 2020-21
R5610 Pay of Personnel
R5640 Payment for Summer School, Curriculum Development, and Other Temporary Assignments
P4630 Payment of Personnel Supporting Community Use of School Facilities
R4630 Payment of Personnel Supporting Community Use of School Facilities
P4640 Payment of Salaries
R2206 Payment of Tuition and Refunds
R5330 Payments of Nonpayroll Systemwide Obligations
P4440 Performance Assessments and Evaluations
R4440 Performance Assessments and Evaluations
P5410 Periodic Audits
R5510 Periodic Budget Reviews
P3204 Personal Health and Hygiene (Family Life Education)
N3350 Personalized Learning Program (PLP)
N2702 Personnally Identifiable Data
P4220 Personnel Files
R8550 Pest Control
R8532 Petroleum Product Spills—Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan
P5210 Petty Cash Funds
R3210 Physical Education—Appropriate Dress and Personal Hygiene
R2101 Physical Examinations, Immunizations of Students, and Tuberculosis Screening Requirements
P2101 Physical Examinations, Immunizations, Contagious Diseases, Treatment of Injuries
P4140 Physical and Mental Medical Examinations
R4140 Physical and Mental Medical Examinations
R3701 Placement of Twins or Higher Order Multiples
P1352 Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
R4816 Political Leave—Short-Term
R4171 Position Classification Plan
R5130 Position Control and Personnel Action Request
P5501 Preparation of Annual Budget
R2302 Preparing, Maintaining, and Releasing Psychological Reports
R2351 Preparing, Maintaining, and Releasing Sociocultural Assessment Reports
R2150 Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Students
P2150 Prevention of Alcohol and Other Illegal Drug Use by Students
R4444 Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse
N6320 Printing and General Duplicating
R5730 Privately Owned Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedures
R4161 Probationary Period for Operational Employees
R4461 Procedure for Adjusting Grievances--Contracted/Licensed Professional Personnel
R2120 Procedures for Conducting a Suicide Risk Assessment
R2111 Procedures for Conducting a Threat Assessment
R1901 Procedures for Evaluating and Adopting New, Revised, Previously Unapproved Standardized Assessment Measures, Inventories, Surveys, and Other Psychometric Instruments
P2611 Procedures for Hearings and Appeals to School Board
R1102 Procedures for Maintenance of Directives
R8170 Procedures for Naming School Facilities and Dedicating Areas of School Facilities or Grounds
R4294 Procedures for Nonrenewal and Dismissal—Educational Personnel
R2115 Procedures for Reporting Cases of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
R1410 Procedures for Reporting and Investigating Embezzlement, Fraud, Waste, or Abuse, and Other Financial Wrongdoing
R4291 Procedures for Resigning From Employment
R4411 Procedures for Responding to Student Threat or Physical Assault Against a Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) Employee
R8335 Procedures for Seeking Approval of Telecommunications Facilities
R2217 Process for Intervention and Dual Language Assessment for K-12 English Learners
R5350 Procurement Card Management
P5010 Procurement of Goods and Services Except Construction
N5014 Procurement of Goods and Services by Individual Schools Using Nonappropriated Funds
P5015 Procurement of Professional and Consultant Services
R9001 Professional Development Opportunities
R3007 Program and Supplemental Instructional Electronic Media Identification, Evaluation, and Approval
R3005 Program and Supplemental Instructional Print Materials Identification, Evaluation, and Approval
P3201 Program of Studies
N3401 Programs for Children With Disabilities
P2670 Programs for Students With Disabilities
R2424 Progress Reports for Grades K-6
R2410 Promotion and Retention of Students in Grades K-12
R5720 Property Losses
P5710 Property and Casualty Coverage and Bonds
P1106 Protection Against Retaliation When Engaged in Protected Activity
P2301 Psychological Testing, Screening, Student Evaluation, and Placement
P1501 Public Access to Information
R1501 Public Access to Information
N2101 Public Health System Calendar
R8616P Pupil Transportation Manual
R5022 Purchase of Basal Materials, Instructional Materials, and Library Materials
R5016 Purchase of Equipment and Furnishings Requiring Installation
R5012 Purchasing Goods and Non-Professional Services Using Appropriated and Nonappropriated Funds
N7415 Purchasing Procedures—Limited Purchase Orders
N5705 Purposes and Responsibilities of Risk Management
R2616 Questioning of Students by Police
P8350 Real Property Disposal
R5135 Reallocation of Authorized Funds Affecting Positions
R6701 Records Management Program
P6470 Records Retention and Disposition
R8541 Recycling Requirements for All FCPS Facilities
N7541 Redistribution and Disposal of Library Books and Textbooks
R5030 Redistribution and Disposal of Products
R4284 Reduction in Force, Layoff and Recall—US-Scale Support Employees (Redlining procedures were suspended by Board action on 06/30/2016)
R4285 Reduction in Force, Layoff, and Recall—Educational Administrators, Teachers, and Instructional Assistants (Redlining procedures were suspended by Board action on 06/30/2016)
N4282 Reduction in Force, Layoff, and Recall—Food Service Scale Employees
R4774 Reemployment of Retirees
R8540 Refuse Pickup Schedule
R Regulation 4135 COVID-19 Employee Reporting
R2612 Regulations and Procedures Governing Freedom of Expression by Students
N2235 Releasing Students for Special Instruction
P1460 Religion
R1461 Religion
R4817 Religious Accommodation for Employees
R8428 Remittance of Fees for Use of School Facilities
R6350 Repair and Maintenance of Telecommunications, Computer, Life Safety, Public Address, and Electronic Equipment
R5780 Reporting Procedures for Vandalism, Theft, or Break-In
R7001 Reporting Serious and Unusual Incidents
N2608 Reporting Serious and Unusual Incidents
R5770 Reporting Student Injuries
P2418 Reporting Student Progress to Parents and Guardians
R1425 Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials
R6250 RequestIT Asset Inventory System
R8565 Requests for Maintenance and Repair
R2202 Required Admission Credentials for Students
R1355 Required Notices to Be Displayed in Work Locations
P2460 Requirements for Graduation
R2460 Requirements for Graduation and Graduation Seals of Achievement
R3515 Requirements for High School Equivalency (HSE) Testing
R3209 Requirements, Procedures, and Application for Physical Education Credit by Objective
N2461 Requirements, Procedures, and Application for Physical Education Credit by Objective
R1475 Research Studies and Data Collection Activities
N2464 Residence Requirement for Graduation for Transfer Students
P5725 Responsibilities for Students’ Personal Property
R5725 Responsibilities for Students’ Personal Property
P4101 Responsibilities of the Department of Human Resources
P4110 Responsibility for Employment
P1421 Retaining Consultants
R4771 Retirement Administration and Contribution Rates
P4770 Retirement Membership
R4772 Retirement Procedures
P2601 Rights and Responsibilities of Students
R2604 Rights of Adult Students
P2501 Rules and Procedures for School Counseling Services
R2501 Rules and Procedures for School Counseling Services
R2445 Rules and Procedures for Students Dropping High School Courses
R8634 Rules and Regulations applying Virginia Occupational Safety & Health (VOSH) Act Standards to State, Local, and Municipal Governments
R2602 Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
R2610 Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures - rescinded see Regulation 2602
R8633 Safety Procedures—Fires, Fire Alarms, Fire Drills, and Fire Safety Manual
R8625 Safety Procedures—High Winds, Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Tornado Drills
R8627 Safety Procedures—Use of Theatrical Stage Prop Weapons
P3320 Safety, Alcohol and Other Drug Education
P4610 Salary Guidelines
R4680 Salary Guidelines-Reduction in Force
R4621 Salary Guides—Credit Beyond Bachelor's Degree
R4612 Salary Guides—Employees Assigned to the Unified Salary & School-Based Administrator Scales
N4615 Salary Guides—Food Service Personnel
R4613 Salary Guides—Instructional Assistants
R4620 Salary Guides—Shift Differential Pay; Work Shift Changes
R4611 Salary Guides—Teachers
N4680 Salary Redlining Procedure
P4650 Salary Supplements
R4650 Salary Supplements
N4650 Salary Supplements
N1809 Salary, Compensation, and Reimbursement for School Board Members and the Student Representative
R5980 Sale of Fairfax County Schools’ Intellectual Property
R5006 Sale of Student-Prepared Food—Family and Consumer Sciences and Culinary Arts Program
R5320 Sales and Use Tax
N2703 Schedule of Fees for Alumni Records Services
N2701 Schedule of Fees for Duplicating Student Scholastic Records
R2515 Scholarships
P2510 Scholarships and Awards
R5810 School Activity Funds Management
N1816 School Board Agenda
N1811 School Board Attorney
N1814 School Board Closed Meetings
N1806 School Board Ethics
N1813 School Board Meeting Procedures
N1812 School Board Meetings—Types, Calendar, Notification
R5210 School Board Petty Cash Funds
N1404 School Board Strategic Targets
R8618 School Bus Routes and Schedules—Annual Review
R8619 School Bus Safety—Behavior and Emergency Drills
P8610 School Bus Transportation, and Walking and Bicycling Routes
N4421 School Calendar for 2020-21
P3406 School Consortia
N1309 School Consortia
P8230 School Design
R8230 School Design—Guidelines
R8613 School Emergency Management Plans and Procedures
P1402 School Evaluation and Accreditation
P5001 School Food Service Program
N5001 School Food Service Program Prices—School Year 2020-21
R5940 School Food Services Fund
R8624 School Keys
R3012 School Libraries
R3014 School Libraries—Book Fairs
R3013 School Library Collection Development
N6801 School Library Media Centers
N6760 School Library Media Centers Collection Development
N6803 School Library Media Centers—Book Fairs
N3855 NSO School Participation in Musical Activities—National Symphony Concerts
N3855 ACCF School Participation in Musical Activities—Sixth Grade All-County Choral Festival
N3855 AMT School Participation in Sixth Grade Art Instructional Field Trip—Art Museum Tour
N3855 KCT School Participation in Theater Activities--Theatre Arts Appreciation Field Trip Performances
P8120 School Planning
P5017 School Procurement System
R8615P School Safety Manual
R3002 School Staff: Planetariums, Supervision of Personnel, and Equipment
P5830 School Stores
R1204 School System Organizational Charts and Department Functions
N1520 School System Relationship With Other Agencies and Organizations
R4426 Schools and Employee Political Activities
R3225 Science—Use of Animals in Schools
R2103 Scoliosis Screening
R2430 Secondary Teacher’s Guide: Grading and Reporting to Parents
R8612 Security and Fire Alarm System Management
P8612 Security of Buildings and Grounds
N7330 Security of Students and Others at School
R3200 Service Learning, General Community Service, Including Faith-Based, Civic, or Political Service
P4950 Sexual Harassment
R4950 Sexual Harassment
R4818 Short-Term Leave Without Pay
R3325 Short-Term Student Visitations
R4819 Sick Leave
R8320 Site Acquisition—Procedures
P8310 Site Planning and Development
P8320 Site and Building Acquisition
P4419 Smoke-Free Environment
P2350 Social Work Services for Eligible Students
P1301 Staffing Standards for School Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff
P1344 Standard School Year Calendar
R1344 Standard School Year Calendar
R1900 Standardized Test and Testing—Educational and Psychological Tests
P1900 Standardized Tests and Testing—Educational and Psychological Tests
P1401 Standards of Quality Mandated by the Code of Virginia
P4130 State Licensure Requirements—Educational Personnel
R1200 State Organizational Chart
N1403 Statement of Beliefs, Vision, Mission, and Student Achievement Goals
P2112 Storage and Administration of Cannabidiol oil (CBD) or Tetrahydrocannabinol Acid (THC-A) Oil in Schools
R4960 Structure and Use of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
R2234 Student Absences and Attendance Regulations
R5740 Student Accident Insurance Claims Procedures
P5740 Student Accident and Life Insurance
P6510 Student Accounting Procedures
P1703 Student Advisory Council to the Superintendent
R1703 Student Advisory Council to the Superintendent
P2232 Student Attendance at School
P2613 Student Dress Code
R2613 Student Dress Code
P2158 Student Employment
N3740 Student Employment
R5922 Student Fees
N5922 Student Fees
P5920 Student Fees, Contributions, and Recoverable Costs
P2720 Student Lists
P2701 Student Personal Data
R2701 Student Personal Data
P1802 Student Representative to School Board
R2601 Student Rights and Responsibilities Booklet
P2110 Student Safety
R1383 Student Safety Patrol Handbook
N4001 Student Teachers and Interns
R2230 Student Transfer Process
R8617 Student Transportation—Eligibility, Routes, and Schedules
P2100 Student and Staff Health and Wellness
R2100 Student and Staff Health and Wellness
N5008 Student and Staff Health and Wellness
N6540 Student-Parent Survey for Federal Impact Aid
R6540 Student-Parent Surveys for Federal Impact Aid
P2620 Students With Physically Aggressive or Violent Behavior
R2620 Students With Physically Aggressive or Violent Behavior
R4821 Study Leave—12-Month Employees
N4820 Study Leave—Summer
R4311 Substitute Personnel—Teachers and Instructional Assistants
R4312 Substitute Support Personnel
N5620 Substitutes Substitutes—Allocations and Time and Attendance Reporting
P2121 Suicide Prevention, Risk Assessment, Postvention
R4235 Summer Employment
P3360 Summer Learning Programs
N1701 Superintendent's Advisory Councils
P8250 Supervision, Inspection, Records, Reports, Acceptance, Payments, Occupancy, and Orientation
P4411 Support Employee Obligations and Rights
N4452 Support Services Personnel Advisory Councils
R6550 Survey of Preschool Children for Kindergarten Enrollment
R4413 Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License
P4270 Suspension of Employees
P5028 System of Inventory Management
R4750 Tax-Deferred Accounts (TDAs)
N4750 Tax-Deferred Accounts (TDAs)—Approved Vendors
P4750 Tax-Deferred Retirement Savings Programs
R5660 Taxable Use of Employer-Provided Vehicles
R2606 Teacher Removal of Students From Classes
R4428 Teacher Self-Assessment—Student Opinion Survey
R4422 Teacher Work Assignments
R6370 Telecommunications—Wireless and Telephone Land Lines
R4417 Teleworking
R5023 Textbook Rebinding
R3355 Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST)
N3355 Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Admissions Procedures
R5812 Ticket Management
R5620 Time and Attendance Administration Procedures
R1453 Title IX Compliance
R2118 Title IX: Sexual Harassment by Students
R2152 Tobacco and Smoking Device Violations by Students
R1100 Topical Index
R3211 Trampoline, Mini Trampoline, and Springboard Use
P4240 Transfer of Educational Personnel
R4240 Transfer of Educational Personnel
R4245 Transfer of Support Personnel
R5310 Travel—Local and Nonlocal
R5311 Travel—Local and Nonlocal
R3011 Treatment of Women and Minority Groups in Instructional Materials
N6650 Triennial School Census
N4031 Tuition Assistance
N4032 Tuition Assistance
N9005 Tuition Assistance
N2206 Tuition Rates—School Year 2020-21
R4705 Tutoring for Pay
P4810 Types of Leave and Leaves of Absence
R4118 Underfill Appointment or Assignment (Unified Salary Scale)
P4780 Unemployment Compensation
N7492 Uniforms and Safety Shoes-Supply
R8505 Uniforms and Safety Shoes—Trades and Custodial Employees
P2630 Use and Parking of Private Motor Vehicles on School Property by High School Students
R2630 Use of Automobiles and Other Motor Vehicles by High School Students on School Premises
P6401 Use of FCPS Network and Internet Resources
R8567 Use of Maintenance Check-In Sheets
R8626 Use of Open Flame and Pyrotechnic Special Effects
R2145 Use of Positive Reinforcement With Students
R8621 Use of School Board-Owned Sedans, Station Wagons, Trucks, and Buses
R8620 Use of School Buses for Nonschool Purposes
P8275 Value Engineering
P8611 Vehicle Replacement
R8611 Vehicle Replacement
R8622 Vehicular Accident Reporting Requirements
R8623 Vehicular Fuel Credit Cards
P4115 Verification of Employment Eligibility
R4115 Verification of Employment Eligibility
P8614 Video Surveillance
R8614 Video Surveillance
N3935 Virginia State Assessment Program—Release of Data
R6530 Virginia Wellness-Related Fitness—Test Administration and Reporting
P1360 Visitors to Schools
N2360 Vocational Planning Guide—Special Education
P2660 Voluntary Uniforms in Public Schools
R5750 Volunteer Worker Medical Costs Coverage
P1530 Volunteers
R5018 Warehousing and Distribution System—Supplies, Textbooks, and Equipment
P1503 Web Site Privacy
P8335 Wireless Telecommunication Facilities
R4421 Work Hours, Noninstructional Time, Length of Work Year, and School Calendar
R4920 Workforce Diversity
P4920 Workforce Diversity Commitment
N8426 Youth Summer Camp Programs in Public School Facilities

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