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P8350 Real Property Disposal
R5135 Reallocation of Authorized Funds Affecting Positions
R6701 Records Management Program
P6470 Records Retention and Disposition
R8541 Recycling Requirements for All FCPS Facilities
R5030 Redistribution and Disposal of Products
R4284 Reduction in Force, Layoff and Recall—US-Scale Operational Employees
R4285 Reduction in Force, Layoff, and Recall—Educational Administrators, Teachers, and Instructional Assistants (Redlining procedures were suspended by Board action on 06/30/2016)
R4774 Reemployment of Retirees
R8540 Refuse Pickup Schedule
R1446 Regulation to Protect Student and Family Information and Records
R2612 Regulations and Procedures Governing Freedom of Expression by Students
P1460 Religion
R1461 Religion
R4817 Religious Accommodation for Employees
R8428 Remittance of Fees for Use of School Facilities
R6350 Repair and Maintenance of Telecommunications, Computer, Life Safety, Public Address, and Electronic Equipment
R5780 Reporting Procedures for Vandalism, Theft, or Break-In
R7001 Reporting Serious and Unusual Incidents
R5770 Reporting Student Injuries
P2418 Reporting Student Progress to Parents and Guardians
R1425 Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials
N6250 Request IT Asset Management System Certification Schedule for 2023-24
R6250 RequestIT Asset Inventory System
R8565 Requests for Maintenance and Repair
R2202 Required Admission Credentials for Students
R1355 Required Notices to Be Displayed in Work Locations
P2460 Requirements for Graduation
R2460 Requirements for Graduation and Graduation Seals of Achievement
R3515 Requirements for High School Equivalency (HSE) Testing
R3209 Requirements, Procedures, and Application for Physical Education Credit by Objective
N3213 Rescind Regulation 3213
N3832 Rescind Regulation 3832
N5017 Rescind Regulation 5017
N2701 Rescinds Notice 2701
N1202 Rescinds Policy 1202
N1309 Rescinds Policy 1309
N1340 Rescinds Policy 1340
N1341 Rescinds Policy 1341
N1403 Rescinds Policy 1403
N1404 Rescinds Policy 1404
N1520 Rescinds Policy 1520
N1522 Rescinds Policy 1522
N1803 Rescinds Policy 1803
N1804 Rescinds Policy 1804
N1805 Rescinds Policy 1805
N1806 Rescinds Policy 1806
N1807 Rescinds Policy 1807
N1808 Rescinds Policy 1808
N1809 Rescinds Policy 1809
N1811 Rescinds Policy 1811
N1812 Rescinds Policy 1812
N1813 Rescinds Policy 1813
N1814 Rescinds Policy 1814
N1815 Rescinds Policy 1815
N1816 Rescinds Policy 1816
N1817 Rescinds Policy 1817
N1818 Rescinds Policy 1818
N3310 Rescinds Policy 3310 and Regulation 3310
N1345 Rescinds Policy and Regulation 1345
N4534 Rescinds Regulaiton 4534
N2235 Rescinds Regulation 2235
N5013 Rescinds Regulation 5013, Advanced Appropriated Funds Program
N1420 Rescinds Regulation 1420
N1505 Rescinds Regulation 1505
N1506 Rescinds Regulation 1506
N1530 Rescinds Regulation 1530
N1701 Rescinds Regulation 1701
N1710 Rescinds Regulation 1710
N2108 Rescinds Regulation 2108, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
N2610 Rescinds Regulation 2610
N2620 Rescinds Regulation 2620
N4465 Rescinds Regulation 4465
N4531 Rescinds Regulation 4531
N4532 Rescinds Regulation 4532
N4533 Rescinds Regulation 4533
N4535 Rescinds Regulation 4535
N4536 Rescinds Regulation 4536
N5741 Rescinds Regulation 5741, Field Trip - Financing
N6240 Rescinds Regulation 6240
N8280 Rescinds Regulation 8280
N5008 Rescinds Regulation and Policy 5008, Student and Staff Health and Wellness
R1475 Research Studies and Data Collection Activities
P5725 Responsibilities for Students’ Personal Property
R5725 Responsibilities for Students’ Personal Property
P4101 Responsibilities of the Department of Human Resources
P4110 Responsibility for Employment
P1421 Retaining Consultants
R4771 Retirement Administration and Contribution Rates
P4770 Retirement Membership
R4772 Retirement Procedures
P2601 Rights and Responsibilities of Students
R2604 Rights of Adult Students
P2501 Rules and Procedures for School Counseling Services
R2501 Rules and Procedures for School Counseling Services
R2445 Rules and Procedures for Students Dropping High School Courses
N2445 Rules and Procedures for Students Dropping High School Courses
R8634 Rules and Regulations applying Virginia Occupational Safety & Health (VOSH) Act Standards to State, Local, and Municipal Governments
R2610 Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures - rescinded see Regulation 2602

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