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R6221 Data Backups, Data Processing Recovery, and Contingency Planning
P6220 Data Security, Data Processing Recovery, and Contingency Planning
R1450 Declaration of Nondiscrimination—Individuals With Disabilities
R1451 Declaration of Nondiscrimination—School Publications
R1454 Declaration of Nondiscrimination—Students With Disabilities
P4750 Deferred Compensation Retirement Savings Programs
R6720 Desktop and Laptop Operational Computing Standards
P4250 Destaff
R4250 Destaff–Teachers, Educational Administrators, and Instructional Assistants
P1102 Development of Directives
R5026 Diploma Procurement
R5650 Direct Deposit of Nonpayroll Related Reimbursements
R4237 Disability Inclusion: Reasonable Accommodations, Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA)
P4290 Discontinuance of Employment
R4952 Discrimination and Harassment Based on a Protected Class
R4293 Dismissal—Definition of Just Cause
P5030 Disposal of Surplus Books, Equipment, Instructional Materials, Furniture, and Supplies
R1367 Distribution of Fliers or Other Informational Materials, Nonprofit Organizations’ Access, and Procedures for Contests and Competitions
P1365 Distribution of Materials
P1203 Division Superintendent’s Role
R3312 Divisionwide and School-Based Lottery Programs
P5960 Donations to Schools
R5961 Donations to Schools
N5961 Donations to Schools
P3330 Driver Education
R3330 Driver Education
R8610 Duties and Responsibilities

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