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N5630 Earned Income Credit
R2408 Earning High School Credits
P4410 Education Employee Obligations and Rights
R2310 Education Evaluations—Special Education Screening
N4151 Educational Administrators—Promotions and Appointments
N4771 Educational Employees' Supplementary Retirement System of Fairfax County (ERFC) Election of Trustees
R8120 Educational Specifications
P5110 Effective Management of Funds
N1803 Election of School Board Officers
N3410 Elective Courses for Learning-Disabled High School Students
R1302 Elementary Class Size Guidelines
R4112 Elementary Classroom Teachers Job-Share Agreements
N8265 Elementary Educational Specifications—Exception to Carpet-Type Gymnasium Floor Surface
R3218 Elementary School Art, Music, and Physical Education Programs
R3340 Elementary School Band, String, and Choral Programs
P2202 Eligibility for Enrollment
P1350 Emergency Closing and Delayed Opening of Schools
R1350 Emergency Closing and Delayed Opening of Schools
N7304 Emergency Control Center-Activation and Coordination
P8613 Emergency Procedures
R5019 Emergency Warehouse Orders, Passive and Reservation
P1705 Employee Advisory Committees to the Superintendent
R1705 Employee Advisory Councils
N1705 Employee Advisory Councils—Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Council
P4960 Employee Assistance Program
R5120 Employee Group Funds, Faculty Funds, and Sunshine Funds
P4520 Employee Organization Certification Procedure
R4520 Employee Organization Certification Procedure
P4530 Employee Organization Privileges
R4530 Employee Organization Privileges
N4532 Employee Organization Privilege—Courier Service
N4536 Employee Organization Privilege—Elections and Referendums
R4537 Employee Organization Privilege—Leave
N4535 Employee Organization Privilege—Meetings
N4531 Employee Organization Privilege—Membership Dues Deduction
N4533 Employee Organization Privilege—Use of Employee Mailboxes
N4534 Employee Organization Privilege—Work Location Visitation
R4237 Employee Unable to Work for Medical Reasons
P4720 Employee Work-Incurred Injuries—Workers' Compensation
R4720 Employee Work-Incurred Injuries—Workers' Compensation Benefits
R2502 Employment Counseling and Placement Services
N4320 Employment and Payment of George Mason University Students, Federal Work-Study Program
R4313 Employment of Adult and Community Education Teachers
R4314 Employment of Teachers for Homebound Students
R8534 Energy Conservation Measures
N6510B Enrollment Projections for School Year 2019-20
R2205 Enrollment of Homeless Students
R2212 Enrollment of Students in Foster Care
P8542 Environmental Stewardship
P5029 Equipment Ownership and Use
N7465 Equipment Replacement
P5820 Equipment for School Activities
R4626 Experience Credit—Instructional Assistants
R4625 Experience Credit—New and Former Teachers
R3866 Extracurricular Activities and Co-curricular Programs—High School and Middle School Clubs and Non-VHSL Activities
P3860 Extracurricular Activities—Athletics, Clubs, and Activities
R3860 Extracurricular Activities—Virginia High School League (VHSL) Interscholastic Activities

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