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P2100 Student and Staff Health and Wellness
R2100 Student and Staff Health and Wellness
P2101 Physical Examinations, Immunizations, Contagious Diseases, Treatment of Injuries
R2101 Physical Examinations, Immunizations of Students, and Tuberculosis Screening Requirements
N2101 Public Health System Calendar
R2102 First Aid, Emergency Treatment, and Administration of Medication for Students
R2103 Scoliosis Screening
R2104 Health Services—School Health-Related Needs
R2105 Approval of Mental Health Services Provided by Non-FCPS Personnel
R2106 Audiometers
R2107 Collection of Public Health System Data
P2108 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
N2108 Rescinds Regulation 2108, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
R2109 Face Coverings to Mitigate the Spread of Infectious Disease
P2110 Student Safety
R2111 Procedures for Conducting Risk Assessments
P2112 Storage and Administration of Cannabidiol oil (CBD) or Tetrahydrocannabinol Acid (THC-A) Oil in Schools
P2115 Child Abuse Reporting Procedures
R2115 Procedures for Reporting Cases of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
R2118 Title IX: Sexual Harassment by Students
R2120 Procedures for Conducting a Suicide Risk Assessment
P2121 Mental Health Awareness, Suicide Prevention, Risk Assessment, Postvention
R2125 Animals on School Property and Other Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Buildings
P2135 Assistance to Students
R2135 Assistance to Students
R2136 Medical Examinations for Students Being Screened for Special Education
R2137 Instructional Services for Pregnant, Parenting, and Lactating Students
P2140 Homebound Instruction
R2140 Homebound Instruction for Students
R2145 Use of Positive Reinforcement With Students
P2150 Prevention of Alcohol and Other Illegal Drug Use by Students
R2150 Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Students
R2151 Management of Naloxone Administration in Schools
R2152 Tobacco and Smoking Device Violations by Students
P2158 Student Employment
R2158 Obtain Employment Certificates
R2160 Appointment of Surrogate Parents for Certain Students With Disabilities
P2170 Automated External Defibrillator Program
P2201 Compulsory Attendance Requirements
P2202 Eligibility for Enrollment
R2202 Required Admission Credentials for Students
R2204 Admission Requirements—Determination of Eligibility for Admission
R2205 Enrollment of Homeless Students
R2206 Payment of Tuition and Refunds
N2206 Tuition Rates—School Year
R2212 Enrollment of Students in Foster Care
R2215 Identification and Registration Procedures for Students with a Home Language Other Than English
R2217 Process for Intervention and Dual Language Assessment for K-12 English Learners
P2220 Admission of Postgraduate Students
R2220 Admission of Postgraduate Students
R2230 Student Transfer Process
P2232 Student Attendance at School
R2234 Student Absences and Attendance Regulations
N2235 Rescinds Regulation 2235
R2236 Foreign Exchange Programs
N2236 Foreign Student Exchange Programs
R2240 Parent Participation and Decision Making
P2245 Home Instruction by Parents, Part-Time Enrollment of Privater School Students, Home-Schooled Students, and Students Enrolled in Virtual Learning Classes
R2245 Home Instruction Requirements and Part-Time Enrollment Options
P2301 Psychological Testing, Screening, Student Evaluation, and Placement
R2302 Preparing, Maintaining, and Releasing Psychological Reports
R2310 Education Evaluations—Special Education Screening
P2350 Social Work Services for Eligible Students
R2351 Preparing, Maintaining, and Releasing Sociocultural Assessment Reports
P2401 Academic Placement of Students in Grades K-8
N2401 Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) Testing, Screening, and Identification for Elementary and Middle School Students 2022-23
R2408 Earning High School Credits
R2409 Alternative Methods for Earning High School Credit
N2409 Alternative Methods for Earning High School Credit (2020-21 school year only)
R2410 Promotion and Retention of Students in Grades K-12
R2412 Full-Day Schedule Requirement for Students
P2418 Reporting Student Progress to Parents and Guardians
R2424 Progress Reports for Grades K-6
R2430 Secondary Teacher’s Guide: Grading and Reporting to Parents
N2431 Middle School Teacher’s Guide: Grading and Reporting to Parents
R2434 High School End-of-Year Schedules
P2436 Pass-Fail Option
R2436 Optional Pass-Fail Grading for High School Courses
R2440 Awarding Credit for Work-Based Learning (WBL) Internships
R2442 Credit for Secondary Students With a Home Language Other Than English
R2445 Rules and Procedures for Students Dropping High School Courses
N2445 Rules and Procedures for Students Dropping High School Courses
P2460 Requirements for Graduation
R2460 Requirements for Graduation and Graduation Seals of Achievement
R2462 Grade Point Average and Class Rank
R2466 Issuance of an Advanced Studies Diploma, a Standard Diploma, a Modified Standard Diploma, an Applied Studies Diploma, or a Certificate of Completion to an Eligible Student With Disabilities
P2475 Commencement Activities
P2501 Rules and Procedures for School Counseling Services
R2501 Rules and Procedures for School Counseling Services
R2502 Employment Counseling and Placement Services
R2504 Counseling Pregnant Students
P2510 Scholarships and Awards
R2515 Scholarships
P2601 Rights and Responsibilities of Students
R2601 Student Rights and Responsibilities Booklet
R2602P Acts for Which Students May Be Disciplined, Disciplinary Procedures, and Interventions
R2603 Gender-Expansive and Transgender Students
R2604 Rights of Adult Students
R2606 Teacher Removal of Students From Classes
R2610 Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures - rescinded see Regulation 2602
N2610 Rescinds Regulation 2610
P2611 Procedures for Hearings and Appeals to School Board
R2612 Regulations and Procedures Governing Freedom of Expression by Students
P2613 Student Dress Code
R2613 Student Dress Code
R2614 Maintaining a Safe and Secure Environment—Use of Physical Interventions
R2616 Questioning of Students by Police
P2620 Students With Physically Aggressive or Violent Behavior
R2620 Students With Physically Aggressive or Violent Behavior (Rescinded)
N2620 Rescinds Regulation 2620
P2625 Physical Restraint and Seclusion
P2630 Use and Parking of Private Motor Vehicles on School Property by High School Students
R2630 Use of Automobiles and Other Motor Vehicles by High School Students on School Premises
P2660 Voluntary Uniforms in Public Schools
P2670 Programs for Students With Disabilities
R2670 Free, Appropriate Education for Students with Disabilities
P2671 Multi-Agency Placements for Children with Disabilities
P2701 Student Personal Data
R2701 Student Personal Data
N2701 Rescinds Notice 2701
N2703 Schedule of Fees for Alumni Records Services
R2710 Access to the Health Records of Students
P2720 Student Lists
P2730 Confidentiality of Student Information

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