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R3002 School Staff: Planetariums, Supervision of Personnel, and Equipment
P3003 Instructional Materials
R3004 Adopted Basal Instructional Materials
R3005 Program and Supplemental Instructional Print Materials Identification, Evaluation, and Approval
N3006 Annotated Listings of Basal and Recommended Supplemental Materials
R3007 Program and Supplemental Instructional Electronic Media Identification, Evaluation, and Approval
R3008 Instructional Technology Identification, Evaluation, and Approval
P3009 Challenged Library and Instructional Materials
R3009 Challenged Library and Instructional Materials
N3010 Musical Instruments—Redistribution of Unassigned Instruments
R3011 Treatment of Women and Minority Groups in Instructional Materials
P3012 Operational Guidelines—School Libraries
R3012 School Libraries
R3013 School Library Collection Development
R3014 School Libraries—Book Fairs
N3102 Curriculum Guides
R3200 Service Learning, General Community Service, Including Faith-Based, Civic, or Political Service
P3201 Program of Studies
R3201 Academic Achievement—High School Courses of Study, Standard and Optional Programs
P3202 New Course Proposals and Deletion and Consolidation of Existing Courses
R3202 Approval of New Courses and Deletion of or Change to Existing Courses
P3203 Health Instruction
P3204 Personal Health and Hygiene (Family Life Education)
R3204 Family Life Education
P3205 Homework
R3205 Homework—Guidelines
R3206 Modified Physical Education
R3207 Classroom Use of FCPS 24-7 Learning
R3209 Requirements, Procedures, and Application for Physical Education Credit by Objective
R3210 Physical Education—Appropriate Dress and Personal Hygiene
R3211 Trampoline, Mini Trampoline, and Springboard Use
R3212 Academic Achievement—Middle School Courses of Study, Standard and Optional Programs
N3213 Approval of New Courses for Middle Schools Deletion or Consolidation of Existing Courses
R3218 Elementary School Art, Music, and Physical Education Programs
R3225 Science—Use of Animals in Schools
R3230 Curriculum Development—Program of Studies Revision
R3250 Instructional Grouping to Support Differentiation and Placement in Content Areas
P3280 Controversial Issues
R3280 Controversial Issues
P3310 Focus School Initiative and Implementation (K-12)
R3310 Focus School Initiative and Implementation (K-12)
R3312 Divisionwide and School-Based Lottery Programs
P3320 Safety, Alcohol and Other Drug Education
R3325 Short-Term Student Visitations
P3330 Driver Education
R3330 Driver Education
R3333 Location Guidelines
P3335 Advanced Academic Programs, Grades K-12
R3335 Advanced Academic Programs, Grades K–12
R3340 Elementary School Band, String, and Choral Programs
N3350 Personalized Learning Program (PLP)
P3355 High School for Science and Technology
R3355 Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST)
N3355 Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Admissions Procedures
P3360 Summer Learning Programs
N3360 2019 FCPS Summer Program Opportunities for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students
P3380 Ceremonies and Observances
N3401 Programs for Children With Disabilities
P3406 School Consortia
N3410 Elective Courses for Learning-Disabled High School Students
P3415 Length of School Day for Students
N3420 Contract Services for Children With Disabilities
P3510 Adult Education, Adult Literacy, Adult High School Completion, and Community Education
R3511 Alternative High Schools
R3512 Adult High School Completion and Adult Literacy Programs
R3513 Community Education and Adult ESOL
R3515 Requirements for High School Equivalency (HSE) Testing
N3520 Adult Basic Education Classes
R3620 Guidelines for Transactions Involving Student Performance of Services in Career and Technical Education Facilities
R3701 Placement of Twins or Higher Order Multiples
N3740 Student Employment
P3829 Contests and Awards
N3832 Al and Winnie Hodgson Student Award Program
R3836 Contests and Competitions
P3840 Community Events and Student Performances
N3850 Interscholastic Incident Report
N3855 ACCF School Participation in Musical Activities—Sixth Grade All-County Choral Festival
N3855 AMT School Participation in Sixth Grade Art Instructional Field Trip—Art Museum Tour
N3855 KCT School Participation in Theater Activities--Theatre Arts Appreciation Field Trip Performances
N3855 NSO School Participation in Musical Activities—National Symphony Concerts
P3860 Extracurricular Activities—Athletics, Clubs, and Activities
R3860 Extracurricular Activities—Virginia High School League (VHSL) Interscholastic Activities
N3861 Guidelines for Entering Into Contracts for Extracurricular Activities
N3862 Guidelines for VHSL-Sponsored Interscholastic Club Sports Activities and Sponsors
R3863 Broadcasting Curricular and Student Activities and Events
R3864 Interscholastic Athletic Incident Report
R3866 Extracurricular Activities and Co-curricular Programs—High School and Middle School Clubs and Non-VHSL Activities
R3870 Membership in the National Honor Society
N3932 Department of Student Services and Special Education Procedures for Evaluating and Ordering New, Previously Unapproved Tests, Inventories, Surveys, Evaluation Software, and other Psychometric Instruments
N3935 Virginia State Assessment Program—Release of Data

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