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P8110 Five-Year Capital Improvement Program Planning
R8110 Five-Year Capital Improvement Program Planning
P8120 School Planning
R8120 Educational Specifications
P8130 Local School Boundaries, Program Assignments, and School Closings
R8130 Local School Boundaries, Program Assignments, and School Closings
P8170 Naming School Facilities and Dedicating Areas of School Facilities or Grounds
R8170 Procedures for Naming School Facilities and Dedicating Areas of School Facilities or Grounds
P8210 Management Responsibility—Capital Improvements
P8220 Architectural and Engineering Services
P8230 School Design
R8230 School Design—Guidelines
P8240 Construction, Maintenance Services, Bids, Contracts, Bonds, and Conflict of Interest
P8250 Supervision, Inspection, Records, Reports, Acceptance, Payments, Occupancy, and Orientation
R8251 Field Construction Representative
R8252 Asbestos Safety Requirements—Guidelines Regarding Notification and Training
R8253 Construction Records and Reports
R8255 Occupying New Buildings
P8258 Building Evaluation, Building Renovation, and Infrastructure Maintenance
R8260 Building Evaluation and Renovation
N8260 Building Evaluation and Renovation
N8265 Elementary Educational Specifications—Exception to Carpet-Type Gymnasium Floor Surface
R8270 Capital Outlay and Facilities Improvements
P8275 Value Engineering
P8310 Site Planning and Development
P8320 Site and Building Acquisition
R8320 Site Acquisition—Procedures
P8330 Granting of Easements and Permits for Construction on School Property
P8335 Wireless Telecommunication Facilities
R8335 Procedures for Seeking Approval of Telecommunications Facilities
N8340 Granting of Permits and Leases for the Placement of Telecommunications Facilities on School Property
P8350 Real Property Disposal
P8410 Leasing of School Facilities
P8420 Community Use of School Facilities
R8420 Community Use of School Facilities
N8420 Community Use of Facilities—FY20 Fee Schedules and Other Information
N8421 Community Use of Gymnasiums, Fields, and Tracks
R8422 Community Use of School Facilities as Polling Places
N8422 Community Use of School Facilities as Polling Places for the November 3, 2020, General and Special Elections.
N8423 Community Use of School Facilities—Fall, Winter, and Spring Requirements, 2018-19 Fairfax County Neighborhood and Recreation Services and the Fairfax County Park Authority
N8423 Summer Community Use of School Facilities—Summer Requirements 2018, Fairfax County Community and Recreation Services and Fairfax County Park Authority
R8424 Booster Club, PTA and PTO Managed Fee-Based Classes, Clinics, Leagues, and Youth Summer Camps in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Facilities
N8424 Booster Club, PTA and PTO Managed Fee-Based Classes, Clinics, Leagues, and Youth Summer Camps in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Facilities
N8426 Youth Summer Camp Programs in Public School Facilities
R8428 Remittance of Fees for Use of School Facilities
R8505 Uniforms and Safety Shoes—Trades and Custodial Employees
N8510 Building Supervisor Reference Manual
R8511 Custodial Services—Instructions Concerning Snow Emergencies
R8512 Custodial Services—Restrooms for Adult Education and Community Use Activities
R8530 Fuel Oil—Readings and Delivery Tickets
R8532 Petroleum Product Spills—Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan
R8534 Energy Conservation Measures
R8536 Operation of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
R8538 Control of Vent Fans
R8540 Refuse Pickup Schedule
R8541 Recycling Requirements for All FCPS Facilities
P8542 Environmental Stewardship
R8545 Carpet Cleaning
R8550 Pest Control
P8560 Maintenance of Physical Facilities
P8561 Child Care Services
N8562 Maintenance Service Guide
R8565 Requests for Maintenance and Repair
R8567 Use of Maintenance Check-In Sheets
N8577 Maintenance of Thermo-Fax Copiers
R8579 Athletic Fields and Equipment—Installation, Modification, and Relocation
R8580 Indoor and Outdoor Bleachers
N8585 Band-Orchestra Instrument Repair Service
P8610 School Bus Transportation, and Walking and Bicycling Routes
R8610 Duties and Responsibilities
P8611 Vehicle Replacement
R8611 Vehicle Replacement
P8612 Security of Buildings and Grounds
R8612 Security and Fire Alarm System Management
P8613 Emergency Procedures
R8613 School Emergency Management Plans and Procedures
P8614 Video Surveillance
R8614 Video Surveillance
P8615 General Safety
R8615P School Safety Manual
R8616P Pupil Transportation Manual
R8617 Student Transportation—Eligibility, Routes, and Schedules
R8618 School Bus Routes and Schedules—Annual Review
R8619 School Bus Safety—Behavior and Emergency Drills
R8620 Use of School Buses for Nonschool Purposes
N8620 Charge for Use of School Buses
R8621 Use of School Board-Owned Sedans, Station Wagons, Trucks, and Buses
R8622 Vehicular Accident Reporting Requirements
R8623 Vehicular Fuel Credit Cards
R8624 School Keys
R8625 Safety Procedures—High Winds, Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Tornado Drills
R8626 Use of Open Flame and Pyrotechnic Special Effects
R8627 Safety Procedures—Use of Theatrical Stage Prop Weapons
R8628 Chemicals and Chemical Products for Instruction and Building Operations
R8633 Safety Procedures—Fires, Fire Alarms, Fire Drills, and Fire Safety Manual
R8634 Rules and Regulations applying Virginia Occupational Safety & Health (VOSH) Act Standards to State, Local, and Municipal Governments
R8635 Blood Borne Pathogens—Post Exposure Medical Evaluation and Follow-Up

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