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R4004 Field-Experience Students, Practicum Students, Student Teachers, and Interns
P4020 Orientation for New Employees
P4101 Responsibilities of the Department of Human Resources
P4102 Compensation Plan For Operational Personnel
P4110 Responsibility for Employment
R4111 Guidelines for the Employment of Teacher-Scale Personnel
R4112 Elementary Classroom Teachers Job-Share Agreements
R4113 Guidelines for Selecting and Monitoring Driver Education Instructors
P4115 Verification of Employment Eligibility
R4115 Verification of Employment Eligibility
R4116 Employee Background Checks and Required Disclosure for Criminal Charges
R4118 Underfill Appointment or Assignment (Unified Salary Scale)
R4119 Background Checks?Volunteers and Mentors
P4120 Contracts—Teachers, Other Licensed Professionals, Transportation Personnel, Food and Nutrition Services Personnel, Athletic Coaching or Other Extra-Duty Assignments
R4120 Contracts—Teachers, Other Licensed Professionals, Transportation Personnel, Food and Nutrition Services Personnel, Athletic Coaching or Extra-Duty Assignments
R4121 Athletic Coaches and Activity Sponsors
P4130 State Licensure Requirements—Educational Personnel
R4130 Licensure Requirements—Educational Personnel
R4135 COVID-19 Employee Reporting
R4136 Mandated Health Requirement for Employment--COVID-19 Vaccination
P4140 Physical and Mental Medical Examinations
R4140 Physical and Mental Medical Examinations
P4150 Administrative Staff—Promotions and Appointments
R4150 Administrative Staff—Promotions and Appointments
R4152 Guidelines for the Employment of Unified-Scale (US) and School-Based Administrator (SBA) Scale Personnel
R4155 Appointment and Assignment Categories
R4156 Career Ladder Appointment, Assignment, or Advancement
R4161 Probationary Period for Operational Employees
R4171 Position Classification Plan
R4210 Name, Address Changes, and Other Personal Attribute Changes
R4215 Identification Badges
P4220 Personnel Files
R4220 Maintenance and Disclosure of Personnel Information and Files
P4230 Assignment of Personnel
R4232 Assignment of Family Members
R4234 Assignment of Overtime—Custodial and Maintenance Personnel
R4235 Summer Employment
R4237 Disability Inclusion: Reasonable Accommodations, Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA)
P4240 Transfer of Educational Personnel
R4240 Transfer of Educational Personnel
R4245 Transfer of Operational Personnel
P4250 Destaff
R4250 Destaff–Teachers, Educational Administrators, and Instructional Assistants
R4253 Staff Transfers-Unified Scale Operational Employees
P4260 Closing or Merging of Schools—Placement of Employees
R4260 Closing or Merging of Schools—Placement of Employees
P4270 Suspension of Employees
P4275 Length of School Year for Students
P4280 Layoff and Recall
R4284 Reduction in Force, Layoff and Recall—US-Scale Operational Employees
R4285 Reduction in Force, Layoff, and Recall—Educational Administrators, Teachers, and Instructional Assistants (Redlining procedures were suspended by Board action on 06/30/2016)
P4290 Discontinuance of Employment
R4291 Procedures for Resigning From Employment
R4293 Dismissal—Definition of Just Cause
R4294 Procedures for Nonrenewal and Dismissal—Educational Personnel
P4310 Authorization for Employment—Temporary Personnel
R4310 Authorization for and Conditions of Employment
R4311 Substitute Personnel-Teachers and Instructional Assistants
R4312 Substitute Support Personnel
R4313 Employment of Adult and Community Education Teachers
R4314 Employment of Teachers for Homebound and Home-based Students
P4410 Education Employee Obligations and Rights
P4411 Support Employee Obligations and Rights
R4411 Procedures for Responding to Student Threat or Physical Assault Against a Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) Employee
R4413 Suspended, Revoked, Restricted Driver’s License
P4415 Hygiene Practices
R4415 Hygiene Practices
R4417 Teleworking
P4418 Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace
R4418 Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace
P4419 Smoke-Free Environment
P4420 Guidelines for Work and Conduct
R4421 Work Hours, Noninstructional Time, Length of Work Year, and School Calendar
N4421 School Calendar for 2023-24
N4421 School Calendar for 2024-25
R4422 Teacher Work Assignments
R4423 Additional Responsibilities and Behaviors
P4425 Lactation Support Programming
R4426 Schools and Employee Political Activities
R4427 Nonschool Employment
R4428 Teacher Self-Assessment—Student Opinion Survey
R4429 Conduct and Discipline—Support Employees
P4430 Conflict of Interest—Employees
R4430 Conflict of Interest - Employees
P4440 Performance Assessments and Evaluations
R4440 Performance Assessments and Evaluations
R4444 Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse
P4450 Communication Between the School Board and Its Employees
R4451 Faculty and Staff Advisory Councils
P4460 Grievance Procedures
R4461 Procedure for Adjusting Grievances--Contracted/Licensed Professional Personnel
R4462 Grievance Procedure—Operational Employees
R4463 Silent Witness
R4463 Silent Witness
N4465 Rescinds Regulation 4465
P4510 Communication with Employee Organizations
P4520 Employee Organization Certification Procedure
R4520 Employee Organization Certification Procedure
P4530 Employee Organization Privileges
R4530 Employee Organization Privileges
N4531 Rescinds Regulation 4531
N4532 Rescinds Regulation 4532
N4533 Rescinds Regulation 4533
N4534 Rescinds Regulaiton 4534
N4535 Rescinds Regulation 4535
N4536 Rescinds Regulation 4536
R4537 Employee Organization Privilege—Leave
P4610 Salary Guidelines
R4611 Salary Guides—Teachers
R4612 Salary Guides—Employees Assigned to the Unified Salary & School-Based Administrator Scales
R4613 Salary Guides—Classroom Instructional Support Employees
R4620 Salary Guides—Shift Differential Pay; Work Shift Changes
R4621 Salary Guides—Credit Beyond Bachelor's Degree
R4625 Experience Credit—New and Former Teachers
R4626 Experience CreditClassroom Instructional Support Employees
P4630 Payment of Personnel Supporting Community Use of School Facilities
R4630 Payment of Personnel Supporting Community Use of School Facilities
P4640 Payment of Salaries
P4650 Salary Supplements
R4650 Salary Supplements
N4650 Salary Supplements
P4660 Overtime Pay
R4660 Overtime Pay for Eligible Employees
R4680 Salary Guidelines-Reduction in Force
R4705 Tutoring for Pay
P4710 Benefit and Salary Deductions
R4710 Benefit Plan Contributions and Salary Reductions
P4720 Employee Work-Incurred Injuries—Workers' Compensation
R4720 Employee Work-Incurred Injuries—Workers' Compensation Benefits
P4730 Health Plans
R4730 Medical and Dental Plans
P4731 Health Plans—Retirees
R4731 Medical and Dental Plans—Retirees
R4735 Flexible Spending Account Plans
P4740 Life Insurance
P4750 Deferred Compensation Retirement Savings Programs
R4750 Tax-Deferred Accounts (TDAs)
N4750 Tax-Deferred Accounts (TDAs)—Approved Vendors
P4760 Integrated Disability Management Program
R4760 Integrated Disability Management Program
P4770 Retirement Membership
R4771 Retirement Administration and Contribution Rates
N4771 Educational Employees' Supplementary Retirement System of Fairfax County (ERFC) Election of Trustees
R4772 Retirement Procedures
R4774 Reemployment of Retirees
P4775 Administrative Expenses
P4780 Unemployment Compensation
P4810 Types of Leave and Leaves of Absence
R4810 Administrative Leave—Emergency
R4811 Job Related Absences
R4812 Administrative Leave—Unusual Circumstances
R4813 Annual Leave
R4814 Administrative Leave—Civil Leave
R4815 Military Leave—Reserve Training and Reactivation
R4816 Political Leave—Short-Term
R4817 Religious Accommodation for Employees
R4818 Short-Term Leave Without Pay
R4819 Sick Leave
R4821 Study Leave—12-Month Employees
R4822 Leaves of Absence
R4833 Administrative Leave for Employees Serving as Election Officers
P4835 Family Medical Leave
R4835 Family Medical Leave
R4836 Leaves of Absence—On-Loan
P4910 Commitment to Human Relations
R4910 General Mission
P4920 Workforce Diversity Commitment
R4920 Workforce Diversity
P4950 Sexual Harassment
R4950 Sexual Harassment by Employees
R4951 Bullying and Abusive Conduct by Employees in the Workplace
R4952 Discrimination and Harassment Based on a Protected Class
P4960 Employee Assistance Program
R4960 Structure and Use of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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