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P6220 Data Security, Data Processing Recovery, and Contingency Planning
R6221 Data Backups, Data Processing Recovery, and Contingency Planning
P6223 Electronic Signatures
R6225 FCPS Information Security Policy
R6226 Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Policy
R6230 Computer Systems and Wide-Area Network (WAN) Availability
N6240 Rescinds Regulation 6240
R6250 RequestIT Asset Inventory System
N6250 Request IT Asset Management System Certification Schedule for 2024-25
R6310 Allocation, Procurement, and Use of Copier Equipment—Schools and Centers
R6350 Repair and Maintenance of Telecommunications, Computer, Life Safety, Public Address, and Electronic Equipment
R6370 Telecommunications—Wireless and Telephone Land Lines
P6401 Use of FCPS Network and Internet Resources
R6405 Change Management Process
R6410 Appropriate Use of Fairfax County Public Schools' Network and Internet Resources
P6470 Records Retention and Disposition
R6490 Forms Management
P6510 Student Accounting Procedures
R6510 Accounting Procedures—Membership and Attendance Records
N6510A Membership Reports
N6510B Enrollment Projections for School Year 2019-20
R6530 Virginia Wellness-Related Fitness—Test Administration and Reporting
R6540 Federal Impact Aid Survey
N6540 Student-Parent Survey for Federal Impact Aid
R6550 Survey of Preschool Children for Kindergarten Enrollment
R6610 Information and Reports Pertinent to Closing School at End of Year
N6610 Information and Reports Pertinent to Closing School at End of Year (2024)
R6701 Records Management Program
R6710 Acquisition, Development, and Support of Instructional and Administrative Systems
R6720 Desktop and Laptop Operational Computing Standards
P6860 Broadcasting Curricular and Extracurricular Activities or Events

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